OmniConverter® Media Converters with Power over Ethernet (PoE)


OmniConverter unmanaged PoE media converters enable distance extension over fiber optic cabling to PoE Powered Devices (PDs). Classified as Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), OmniConverter media converters support PoE (15.4W), PoE+ (30W), HPoE (60W) and IEEE 802.3bt (60W and 100W). OmniConverter PoE converters are multi-port media converters that are available with up to four RJ-45 ports, and one or two fiber ports.


  • Power over Ethernet injector/source
  • Models support PoE, PoE+, HPoE (60W) and IEEE 802.3bt (60W and 100W)
  • Supports 10/100 and 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Multiple port configurations available
  • Supports fixed-fiber connectors or SFP transceivers
  • Available in AC or DC models





How PoE Media Converters Work

 How PoE Media Converters Work

How PoE Media Converters Work

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